How a Qualified Horticulturist can save you Work and Money

03 December 2014


Transform your outdoor space with Nils Landscaping. Discover how a qualified horticulturist can save you time and money on stunning landscaping projects.

A beautiful landscape can improve the way you feel about your home and increase its value. Likewise, it makes it more appealing to potential buyers. But before you decide on a do-it-yourself landscape project, you might want to consider hiring a horticulturist.

Moreover, making your landscape pleasing to the eyes does not have to be expensive. In truth, a horticulturist can save you money and time.


A professional horticulturist has the expertise and knowledge. They can help you visualize, plan and achieve the perfect landscape design for your home. They are also able to work around your budget while still maintaining quality standards to fit your needs.


Knowing which plants to use and where to place them requires extensive research. Even after you research and purchase the ‘ideal’ plants, they do not always thrive. In fact, a lot of money can be wasted on purchasing the wrong plants.

However, a horticulturist has both the education and experience. They know which plants are best for your needs, and where to plant them. Additionally, a horticulturist knows where to buy the healthiest plants.

Adding perennial flowers and grasses should only be a one-time investment. They come back every year and save you both time and money. A horticulturist specializes in knowing which plants will come back and which are the most prolific. Perennial flowers and grasses also increase the value of your home by adding colour, texture and visual aesthetics.


When landscaping, one of the best ways to save time and money is to know which trees and shrubs to purchase. There are many things to take into consideration such as quality grades, type of trees and brush (shade, slow grower, etc.) and growth per year. But even after you do your research, there is no guarantee that you made a good choice. Sometimes it takes two or more years before you notice that your tree has a weak or uneven growth pattern.

A horticulturist is very helpful when it comes to deciding on what trees and shrubs you should purchase. As far as quality grades, they know which trees have the better shape, are straight trunked, have even branching and how long it takes for a tree or bush to mature.


Your soil is very important. Without highly nutritious soil, your plants will not thrive and they may die. Knowing which type of soil to use and for what plant is very significant for their survival. The best way to find out about your soil composition is to have it tested. Not many people have this expertise. When it comes to soil, even some landscapers are not very knowledgeable. On the other hand, a horticulturist studies not only the cultivation of plants but the science. This includes the study of soil composition, fertilizers, diseases and everything there is to know about plants.

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