The Benefits of Retaining Walls for Your Home and Garden Needs

05 December 2014

retaining walls

Elevate your home and garden with retaining walls. Explore the advantages with Nils Landscaping, your trusted landscaping expert.Your landscape can increase the value of your home by making the outdoor area more attractive. A well-done landscape design includes natural elements like flowers, trees, shrubs and retaining walls.

One of the most beneficial elements of a landscape is a retaining wall. The aesthetic appeal can increase the value of your property by 20%. As well, there are many other benefits a retaining wall can provide for your home and garden.


Sometimes a retaining wall is a necessity. It is a structure that holds back dirt from your home, building or garden area. A retaining wall can also prevent flooding and excess runoff, sink holes and erosion. Overall, it reduces maintenance, stabilizes slopes and prevents damage to your property.


Professional landscaping that includes a retaining wall can be very advantageous. It can decrease sound pollution, add extra privacy and block undesirable views. Compared to using trees for the same purpose, retaining walls are far superior. They are more efficient in breaking sound barriers and can be professionally made in a short amount of time. Regardless of the material used such as brick or stone, it will offer a nice sound barrier with added beauty and artistic appeal.


Retaining walls for the garden are practical and beautiful. A well-designed structure will raise planting areas for improved drainage and also create a better viewing of your plants. What is more, retaining walls are like raised beds which help maintain weeds, assist with pest control, provide better accessibility and produce higher yields.


The retaining wall has remarkable benefits. They are ideal for keeping small hills beside the home from land sliding. They are perfect for a garden landscape and for reinforcing wall areas of the home. They can also be utilized and designed as part of a patio, for a framework to hold flowerpots, for accent lighting, to keep an area shaded and as a wind barrier.


When installing a retaining wall it is best to hire a professional. An experienced landscaper who is knowledgeable in retaining walls will have the expertise to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Hiring an experienced landscaper will save you money, time and a lot of frustration. As well, working with someone who is qualified will open the doors for better communication so that you can talk about your objectives, ideas and finances.

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